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Car rental in Kazakhstan from Naniko

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Kazakhstan is a country which offers to visitors stunning nature and places of unique beauty.

  • Medeu and Shimbulak

Resorts are placed on the foothills of the Alatau, 15 km from Alma-Ata, located at an altitude of 1700 m.
Medeu is a complex of several buildings around a skating track on the world's largest glacier.
Shimbulak 500 meters above is the famous ski resort in Central Asia. The ski season lasts from November to April. Weekend's better to go early to catch reserve equipment.

Slightly lower, at the foot of the mountains, picturesque stretches and turquoise lake called Big Almaty.
These three resorts are ideal for mountain hikes. There are regular buses that leave at certain hours to Almaty. But if there is an auto in rent, you are perfectly free to go there on your own route.

  • Ile Alatau and Kungei Tau

The main attractions of Kazakhstan are the peaks belonging to the Tien-Shan Mountains at an altitude of 4000 meters - the Trans-Ili Alatau and Kungey. It is a beautiful region, rich in glaciers, turbulent rivers and valleys, which are used by nomadic herders as summer pastures and remarkably suitable areas for hiking. Trekking season lasts from June to September.

  • Lakes of Kolsai

Three beautiful green lake lying in the middle of steep hills and forested foothills of the Alatau Kungei, 110 kilometers east of Alma-Ata. Lakes distributed along the Kul-Say, at an altitude of about 2000 m.
These fantastic places are ideal for hiking, fishing for trout, especially in June and August. To the bottom of the lake can be reached by car.
You can enjoy outstanding views, revealed in the steppes of Kazakhstan to the north and south of the basin of Issyk - Kul
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