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Car Rental in Kyrgyzstan - the best price from Naniko

Car - an integral part of today's life. Well when we are at home have our own cars on disposition, but being on a trip on vacation or on business in another country or city especially need the convenience of displacement.
Anyone who needs a service of auto renting is seeking to secure mode of online reservations, so that upon arrival at the place to be already guaranteed by appropriate vehicle.

Company Naniko offers a reliable and easiest way to rent a car through its reservation system in all major cities in Kyrgyzstan.

Here you'll get:

  • Autos in perfect technical condition.
  • Preferential rates with included VAT and insurance
  • High quality service and professional assistance in any matter.

Kyrgyzstan is located in the mountains of Tien Shan and Pamir Alai Mountains and offers many interesting examples of mountainous architecture of Central Asia. Tourism in the country is one of the resources on which the development of the country is concentrated.
Admire the natural beauty of the country is so fascinating that you may not notice how time flies.

Jalalabad resort town located in the Fergana Valley, which is famous for wellness area, where you can relax in the pool surrounded by beautiful hills.

Bishkek is surrounded by the rivers, down from the Alatau Mountains, Ala-Archa, Alamedin and dozens of other parallel, forming a series of deep canyons, where guests can make a halt for lunch during climbing.
At the beginning of the valley Shamshin, 80 km from Bishkek to watch carefully restored Burana tower - monument of early eleventh century. Nearby is an earthen mound - all that remains of the ancient citadel Balasagun, founded by inhabitants of the kingdom of Sogdiana.

Amazing sight is the Lake Issyk-Kul. Greater depth, thermal activity and low salinity, never give the lake freezes. Detected even by the royal researchers, lake, for 80 years was a place of rest and treatment of senior officials from Moscow. Some of the recreational centers are open to this day.

Around the town of Karakol are various cottages, places of thermal treatment. The most famous resort destination is Altyn Arashan, located in a picturesque mountain valley at 3000 meters above sea level. This area is rich in flora and fauna and is a protected place of botanical research.

Discover unexplored places of Kyrgyzstan by car rented from Naniko.