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Rent a car at the airport in Tirana - from Naniko

Tirana is quite overpopulated city and infantry public transport system is adjusted, as in all populous cities, its use is fraught with tension and as a result of fatigue. But who wants to, being on vacation, in anticipation of interesting excursions, tired of waiting for the bus?

For this purpose, most of the tourists, organizing their trip in advance and take care of the vehicle for comfort movement.

The ideal solution for this case will provide the car rental company Naniko at the airport Tirana.

  • The process of choosing and booking is easy through the online system
  • The terms of reservation you can find here
  • The next step - filling in the booking form showing all details
  • Confirm your choice, get an e-mail notification of the reservation - voucher
  • Reception and return of the vehicle can be performed in any favorable for you place.

Briefly about Airport of Tirana

This very modern, well-equipped airport of the capital of Albania officially named in honor of Mother Teresa, having Albanian origin.

It is situated 17 km north-west from the center of Tirana. Every hour express bus runs from the airport to the National Museum of the city, but there is no rail link. The airport is located along the highway in Durres and therefore very accessible by car.

The fastest way to reach the airport - a taxi or auto renting. The journey takes approximately 20-25 minutes depending on traffic.
You can always order a taxi beforehand online or by phone.

At the airport offered a large number of restaurants, cafes, bars and restaurants and a few shops, a large space of duty free. There is a VIP lounge, but for a full range of business services and conference rooms, you need to contact the hotel or convention center.

There are also available internet access and Wi-Fi, banks, exchange offices and ATMs.
Smoking passengers, respectively policy is to maintain a healthy atmosphere at the terminal, proposed a designated smoking area. This policy makes the airport involved in international standards and emphasizes the high degree of social responsibility.

In the aviation system Tirana International Airport abbreviated as TIA.

We wish you a successful trip and a lot of positive emotions on the car rented from Naniko in the airport of Tirana.