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Car rental from Naniko in Andorra la Vella

Search for a car for a special trip that everyone would like to plan, it is not always easy. Of course, in the presence of today's technology and the Internet, we cannot even bother to leave home, to solve a particular issue. But what to do with the mass of information and suggestions, which leans at inquire into how to choose the right one and the most suitable to us?

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Andorra la Vella

Each year, thousands of tourists, attracted by the winter sports and the beautiful nature of Andorra's capital, the streets of Andorra la Vella, where you will have a good chance also go for shopping to the trade centers.

There are many architectural marvels and urban planning, such as the headquarters of the local parliament, the Casa de la Vall, built in the late sixteenth century.
Among the churches of greater importance is the Sant Andreu, built in the XII century Romanesque Santa Coloma and Sant Esteve same period.

Near the town is the center of the spa very important and the largest in Europe, in the Chaldean. Here you can relax and spend wonderful moments of pure physical and mental well-being in the sauna and swimming pool.

Very interesting to visit the neighborhood of Andorra la Vella, for example, this sector, with an ethnographic museum where you can experience the life style of the nineteenth century in the area, and when the weather permits, may also organize exciting ethnographic visits at night.
Nearby there is an interesting museum of sacred art, Santa Eulalia with permanent exhibition of liturgical objects and paintings.

Andorra la Vella is better known throughout the world because of the ski resorts and winter sports.
Each year, actively visited by popular huts in the mountains, where you can spend unforgettable days and weeks of nature and fun.

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