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Despite the certain that the buses are not the worst option of moving, the prime mode to come up the entire of Croatia, of course, the car.

Without barriers and restrictions in time and space, you can move freely and choose where to stop from time to time.
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International Airport Zagreb - Pleso.

Located 14 km south-east of the capital of Croatia, Zagreb Airport is the largest civil airport in the country.
In last years, thanks to the dinamic flow of tourists to the airport continues its growth and development.
Passenger traffic increased significantly, up to two million a year. This airport is also used by tourists, holding its way to the Adriatic Sea, lakes of  Plitvice, in the continental part of Croatia and other neighboring regions.
Expansion and modernization of the airport will continue up to 2030!
Connections  to the center of Zagreb may all modes of transport.

Immediately after landing, passengers can use the airport transfer in Zagreb by bus, which is the official transport on the route Zagreb - the central bus station.

The initial stop in front of the arrivals hall, and the last point is on the main bus terminal. The trip takes about 30 minutes.
By car
To get to the Zagreb Airport by car should take the path of  D3, if you come from the center, or A3, if you go out of town.
The fastest and most convenient form of transport from Zagreb Airport - car rental from Naniko.