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Car rental with Naniko - at Helsinki Airport - Vantaa

Once you landed at the airport in Helsinki, you can fasten your seat belt and start a pleasant journey with auto hired.

Visit the nearby surroundings of the city without the stress, just enjoy the feeling that you're behind the wheel. Rent a car opens up a world of possibilities and directs you to new discoveries without unnecessary stress.

With Naniko choose a car that fits your criteria, and upon your request get it right in the Helsinki airport.

  • Cars are available of various models and modifications
  • Affordable rates and high quality service
  • Unlimited mileage and help with road failures
  • Stylish convertibles for a romantic weekend or a hatchback minivan for a family holiday

Flying via Helsinki means the use of the shortest and fastest itinerary amidst Asia and Europe. Using the Helsinki airport, you can enjoy a cozy atmosphere, where the gates and other services under one roof, in one terminal. Designed primarily for intercontinental traffic, Vantaa Airport has been rated as among the most effective in the world.

Waiting for the flight, enjoy the variety of airport offers.

Wide range of services and endless shopping opportunities at the airport dispel boredom waiting for a flight. Buy products of Scandinavian design and other quality items at tax-free prices, or treat yourself to an exceptional meal or a delicious coffee in cafes and restaurants.

Finnair saloon in the Schengen area is located near the gate 22.
Open every day until midnight, an area of 850 m² and a total of 288 seats for guests. Serves hot breakfast and lunch from 15:00 until 17:40.

Has available two private suites with shower, and a children's playground.
Free for customers of Finnair, business class travellers.

Public transportation from the airport in Helsinki.
Regional Transport system provides services between the airport and the capital region. Moreover, several lines of bus stops at the airport.

You can also reach or leave the airport in Helsinki city bus controlled Finnair City Bus Pohjolan Liikenne. Buses depart every 20 minutes.

If you prefer traveling by car rental, Naniko offers exclusive options from Vantaa Airport.