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France, a nation with a riches history, natural beauty and elegance of artistic creations. Each region is offering something unique, interesting cultural events provide a warm welcome and excellent and varied cuisine.

According to the ideal quality of roads France can compete with Germany and Switzerland. Therefore visit on car renting will bring a real pleasure.

In any city of France you can hire an auto from Naniko and, moreover, to order it in advance online.

•        Accessories, like child seats, Navigation, holders skis and bicycles, and more

•        Auto Insurance and taxes are comprised in the rental rate

•        Unlimited mileage, allowing a broad line of travel

France has a long list of places to visit, so it's hard to imagine visit all in one voyage.
Beaches are among the main delights of country. Among the most famous ones, of course, trendy Saint Tropez, a favorite place of the Hollywood stars. But apart from this remarkable least of 8 different coasts.

One should also not forget that the great cities is the real reason to visit France. Starting only with Paris, the city of love, metropolis, which has on its territory innumerable attractions as the Tour Eiffel, the Arc de Triomphe, the Cathedral, and more.
Riviera and the port of Marseille

The existence of the sea and beautiful buildings characterize Marseille and turns this place into a peerless resort, the most popular among visitors to the Cote d'Azur in the south. Palaces, temples, museums and beautiful beaches characterize the region.

In the vicinity of Paris is Versailles, with a beautiful palace and garden of more than 800 hectares in size, decorated with fountains and statues, ponds and flower gardens. In the park available  bikes to visit. The edifice - former royal residence, appealing sites in France.

It is a small island with a church, most visited place in France. Compounds only a small road, the island retains the same form that was in medieval times, characterized by the reality is that, at high stream, the road that connects the island to the mainland is completely covered with water.
Castles and Valley of Loire

Near the Loire, there are interesting castles and royal palaces. For visiting these buildings of the Renaissance, you can rent a dinghy for a round along the river or ride a bike in the valley.

Book now your car rental from Naniko, to immerse yourself in the romance of France!