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Car rental market worldwide in develop of dynamic pace. Experts and business representatives agree that the inquiry for these fields of services proceed is on the increase, probably due to grows in business activity of nowadays.

Very high relevance of car hires in Russia, or is truer to say, especially in this country, given the immeasurable spaces and a huge number of tourists or business people.

Naniko provides a variety of cars for hire throughout Russia.

Incredibly low prices, including:

  • Insurance and taxes
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Help with road problems
  • 24-hour access to a mobile service center
  • Advice on any matter

Here you can lease cars from economy runabouts to minibuses for groups.
Services of a driver with knowledge of English
Order accessories for navigation or safety and comfort.

Description of Russia

Russian Federation, or as is more often used simply Russia - a country which is located between Europe and Asia and covers a territory of 17,000,000 km, being the largest country on the planet. It is also the state with the largest number of neighboring countries, counting the number 14.
According to the 2008, there were about 140 million inhabitants.

Russia is divided into 83 federal subjects, grouped into 8 areas. Subjects of the federation may be republics, territories, regions, cities or autonomous regions.

The climate belongs to the group of cold continental and sub-polar. In the northern areas covered by tundra, also have Arctic zone.
Countless interesting things can be seen in Russia.
That's just one of them.
Lake Baikal, which is under protection of UNESCO since 1996, is considered one of the Seven Wonders of Russia and is placed in the south of Siberia, 450 m above sea level.

The lake stretches for 31,722 square kilometers and is one of the largest and deepest in the world, and with the greatest volume of fresh water. It contains about 20% of freshwater on the planet, excluding glaciers and ice caps.
See and explore all the untold riches and wonders of the vast country in one trip very difficult.
But embrace the immense Russian in maximum with the comfort by car rental from Naniko!