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Car hire from Naniko car rental at the airport of Istanbul, Ataturk

After landing in the main airport of Istanbul, you can rental cars at the Airport of Istanbul, Ataturk immediately for using during your visit.

Car rental  by Naniko from the airport in Istanbul, utilize the request blank of our web-page.

  • Vehicle category - the most advanced in the rental market.
  • Do you need a vehicle with an automatic or manual transmission - you will find everything here!
  • Granted unlimited mileage, free from any additional payments
  • Upon arrival you will be expected by ready for the trip car
  • All vehicles are air-conditioned and comfortable.
  • No hidden expenses, all taxes included in the price
  • Most car rental companies expect you to return the car at the same place where you got it. If you are projecting a journey to one direction, we offer the opportunity to return the automobile to the place most convenient to you!
  • Also the opportunity to hire an experienced driver with excellent knowledge of the roads and the English language – car hire at the Airport Istanbul, Ataturk.

Rent a car at the Airport Istanbul, Ataturk at low prices from us!

Ataturk Airport is nominated in honor of the first president  and is the principle hub of country. Ranked eighth in Europe in the number of passengers transported per year.
Placed 24 km from the city, formerly called International Airport Yesilkoy named by neighborhood of Istanbul, which was mentioned in the movie  Agent 007 - From Russia with love.

It consists of two terminals, one for international flights - A and the other for domestics- B. It was opened in 2001, which suggests that it is quite modern.

From the airport, only 5 minutes stroll to the subway station. There is also a shuttle service. You can also reach by public transport, in particular on the bus for about 45 minutes, using Havatas, cost-effective solution that comes to Taksim Square. Buses leave every half hour.

There is a hotel, which also offers two meeting rooms and a business center.
In the International Terminal 5 VIP rooms and three business-halls.

In the terminal a number of shops and places to eat and drink. There are 5 points of the duty-free trade. In the list of services also include banks, exchange offices and ATMs. In addition, there is room and a playground for children.

Travel  with comfort and ideal conditions, provided by company of cars for rent Naniko in Ataturk Airport Istanbul.