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Rent a car in Ankara from Naniko car rental

The modern capital with a course for the future, with a typical European charm - it's the image that will open to visitors who wish to ride across the streets of the metropolis in a rented car.

By dint of the service of car hire from Naniko get the prime mode to reveal the metropolis of Turkey, Ankara.

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Rent a car in Ankara is used by local people and by visitors.

With car rental from Naniko in Ankara will be easy to make a move back in time, exploring the ancient citadel.

Ankara - a city of contrasts

The old core with its tight roads will surprise with evidences of the Roman, Byzantine and Turkish empires, before heading to the modern district with the edifices with contemporary style and wide streets.

According to legend, its name comes from Anchira, which means anchor. History has it that King Midas found himself anchored allegedly owned Noah's Ark when he was in pursuit of a place for the city's founding. And as in a dream God asked him to choose a place on the hill. Thus was born the original core of Ankara. In Roman times, it turns to a focus point of art and commerce. In 1923, it was proclaimed the capital of state; there were only 15 thousand inhabitants. Today, with nearly 4 million people, and the city is very suchlike of European one.

Many conventional Turkish dwellings have been reconstructed and are of considerable architectural interest. Near the gate of the citadel stands the old market overlapped, now the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, which houses a inestimable assemblage of Paleolithic, Hittite and Romans.

The symbol of the new city is the mausoleum of Ataturk, the monumental building, synthesis of contemporary design and ancient traditions. Built in 1953, was named after president of Ataturk, the father of the nation and the leader of the liberation from the Turkish sultans.

Ankara is the center of culture, festivals and cinemas.

Pubs and restaurants

After seeing the places of culture, everyone wants to have fun and eat out. Among restaurants with Turkish cuisine - first is Trilye, with typical Turkish dishes and served by wonderful staff. This place is ideal who prefer to eat in a fantastic setting and surrounded by a romantic dinner.
Kalbur best restaurant admirers of seafood.

One of the best night clubs - Kinacilar Bar, which offers its guests a level of music accompanied by a great bar.

Rental cars in Ankara from Naniko will accompany you during your trip!