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Car hire in Armenia - the best deals by Naniko

Looking at the hectic and frantic pace of today, the need to align personal rhythms with the rhythms of social life, it is obvious that every tourist, being on vacation want complete relaxation and independence from such conventions as timetables of buses and trains and the freedom of motion in any desired route.
That is why auto rental indispensable vehicle during any trip.

Your faithful companion and guide to entertaining journey through Armenia will become car renting from Naniko.

  • Here presented the deals at the best prices;
  • Affordable and easy to use online reservation system will provide you with full information;
  • Booked in advance service will preserve you from the experience of unpleasant surprises during the trip.
  • Tariffs, which are difficult to find better and include taxes and insurance;
  • Without any surprises of unexpected costs;
  • Change of plans? Can easily cancel or modify your order 2 days before the start of the service.
  • Whatever is your query about our services, do not hesitate contact our operators who will try to give an exhaustive answer.


Travel to Armenia, a country of stunning landscapes

Armenia is located in the southern Caucasus, in the mountainous region. In the north and east it borders with Georgia and Azerbaijan, on the south and west with Turkey and Iran. The country is about 30,000 m² and is placed at an altitude of between 1,000 and 2,500 meters.
The country's population of about three million and 98% are Armenians.

Travel to Armenia is similar to immersion in the long history of this small nation, but also in the fascinating scenery while walking down the magnificent mountains of the Caucasus and the wonderful views of Lake Sevan, the largest in the South Caucasus.
Mystical and fascinating vision of the legendary and sacred Armenian Mount Ararat, where in its eternal snows on the legend Noah's Ark is hidden.
It rises majestically behind the Khor Virap.
Armenians themselves are people full of enthusiasm, willing and happy to talk about their country and its history.
Impression of the capital Yerevan, that the city, full of life, theaters, cafes and clubs where you can listen to good music, the city, creating a feeling of constant celebration.

Car hire from Naniko in Armenia will give you the opportunity to experience the fullness of the beauty of this country.

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