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Car rental in Yerevan from Naniko

On a trip, or on vacation is almost always a need to rent a car and at the same time, in addition to selecting the right company and still has to wonder about what kind of vehicle standards will be most suitable to your type of trip. But whatever the purpose of your journey, you should always pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Capacity of the vehicle, depending on the number of people traveling with you;
  • Maximum weight ability, an important aspect in case of large quantities of luggage;
  • Dimensions of vehicle are essential at city tours and parking areas;
  • Season your trip determines attention to details such as the presence of air conditioning or heating;
  • Security system in the car: the presence of ABS, safety chains on the wheels in the snow season, child safety seats, and much more...


Decent response and satisfactory proposals on the above criteria of auto hire in Yerevan you can find on

Here you will be easy navigating categories, brands and models of cars; select the desired, as well as to determine the additional equipment or accessories.


Armenian capital Yerevan is located west-central part of the nation in short way of the Turkish border. Built on the slopes of Mount Ararat, near the Hrazdan River, the city is situated at an elevation of about 1,000 meters above sea level.

Armenian capital is often referred to as the Pink City for the color of the stones that built most of the buildings.
Nowadays the city is one of the most significant centers of industry, culture and science in the Caucasus region.
It is also a city of culture: here operate based in 1920 Yerevan State University and the Academy of Sciences of Armenia.
You can visit interesting museums, public libraries, theaters, conservatories and much more.

Erected on a former military fortress of the seventh century, the city had strategic position as a transit point on the way to India.

What to see:

  • Republic Square
  • The ruins of the fortress of Erebuni
  • Historical Museum of Armenia and Matenadaran archives
  • Open Air Market where during the walking tour you can experience the atmosphere of the city.
  • A wide selection of bars, cafes, restaurants with lovely music.

City of pink stones with Caucasian hospitality of hot heart and a car rental from Naniko greet you on a tour of Yerevan!  

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