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Preparing for holidays or a business visit, it is always associated with the hassle of organizing and arranging our trip. But it is pleasant chores, because this is followed by complete relaxation and lots of fun of new places to visit and a well-planned vacation.
But, can we consider the preparation completed, if you have not taken care of the way to move during your trip? Most voyagers will concur that it is an important items on the scroll of issues requiring a preliminary decision.

You've reached your desired site of auto hire -, which will provide your carefree stay in Baku.

Just a few steps will bring you closer to the desired result:

  • Select a city
  • Enter the parameters of your suitable auto
  • Determine the location where you would like to take the car
  • Select the type of vehicle - the economic, sedan, SUV
  • Confirm your selection and booking is complete.

Information about Baku, capital of Azerbaijan

Beautiful city Baku is placed on the Apsheron Peninsula on the coastal of the Caspian Sea.
City populated by more than 2 million people. If in 19th century, the city consisted of no more than fifteen thousand inhabitants, in the last period, the population has grown considerably in relation to the elaboration of oil deposits found throughout the country; so, for a short time.

Country in the making, whose industrial development began at the birth of the first sectors of the petrochemical industry by exploiting the oil fields of the Caucasus. Baku today an important industrial center for the chemical processing of textiles. City expanded its agglomeration with populous suburbs reachable through subway line.
The highest points of the city can be reached by cable car, which features a strikingly beautiful panorama of the city.
Archaeological excavations, which yielded tombs of the Bronze Age, bear witness of the antique derivation of Baku.

Baku originated on the western coast line of the Caspian Sea in the fifth century and has since undergone a series of attacks by Arabs, Persians and Turks.

Baku is also a significant naval base, and principle cultural center and university town.

Traveling with car rental from Naniko to the appealing city of Baku!     

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