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Car Rental - Lowest price by Naniko - in Azerbaijan

If you decide to visit Azerbaijan and looking for a suitable means of moving for your trip, then exactly what will be able to offer you the maximum choice at a low price.

Discover the exotic beauty of Azerbaijan and the hospitality of its inhabitants with a car hire from Naniko!

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Azerbaijan - land of endless surprises

Despite a growing tourist interest, yet not many people in the world are aware of this small country in the Caucasus overlooking the Caspian Sea which can offer countless surprises. A trip to Azerbaijan, unforgettable memories for everyone who has ever been here.

Here are some reasons that evoke an irresistible curiosity and giving impetus to the choice of destination Azerbaijan:

Baku, its lively capital, with an impressive old city center and a surprisingly rich architecture of the buildings. City today expanded with ultramodern areas and active life, worthy of the greatest cities in the world;
Here begins our journey in Azerbaijan;

Petroglyph area, where more than 6,000 stone engravings, some of which almost 40 thousand years old, as well as remnants of dwellings and burial caves, which are evidence of settlements in the periods from the Paleolithic to the Middle Ages. Engravings are people, animals, battle scenes, ritual dances, camel caravans, boats and even the sun and stars.

Mud volcanoes, the most important phenomenon in Azerbaijan, since there are almost half of the known igneous holes over the entire surface of the Earth. The origin of this natural phenomenon is considered to be the worship of the sun - Zoroastrianism, occurs approximately every twenty years with an impressive eruption with flames rising from the ground. Sludge has unique healing properties that attract many visitors.

Curious and almost unknown history of the Mountain Jews in the village of Krasnaya Sloboda. This Jewish community dates back to the Middle Ages, when Jewish communities scattered partly in Europe and parts of Anatolia took refuge in the mountains, and built a traditional village, which still retained the use of Yiddish.
And even more astonishing surprises to be found traveling to Azerbaijan on car rental from NANIKO!

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