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Car Rental from Naniko - at Astana airport

Since Astana has become the new capital of Kazakhstan, has undergone major changes. When visiting the city of striking an intriguing contrast of the old Soviet architecture with modern design.
In Astana airport, you can immediately get a car hired in advance from Naniko, to safely continue your journey to explore the splendid city attractions.

Booking auto rental with at Airport of Astana is easy.

You just need to fill out an inquiry form, select the appropriate car and followed the next steps to come to a result.
In this case you will get:

  • Perfect tariffs, which already takes into account the cost of insurance and taxes
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • Full package of auto insurance
  • Comfortable and adapted to the needs of customers service system
  • Roadside assistance and advice at any time.

Astana International Airport is the largest in Kazakhstan.

It's pretty old airport, founded in 1931 with the purpose of serving small planes. But today, as the city itself, the airport turned into most modern on Eurasian continent.

There are daily flights to many destinations near and far abroad.
Airport statistics show that:
Airlines flying to Astana - 16
Cities connected by direct flights with the airport -25

Astana Airport has a super modern outfit as the runway and terminal, and is able to receive all types of aircraft.
With the city has good transport links via bus lines, taxis and private cabs.
There is created the most comfortable stay in the terminal for passengers. Registration is carried out using the latest automated system on the second floor.
It supplies services such as:
Mother and child room, a hall for prayer, area for smoking, a medical center.
The terminal has a network of ATMs, currency exchange, luggage temporary storage, post office.
The waiting time can be a pleasure to pass the gift shop, a restaurant or Duty Free
If necessary, you will find here also a pharmacy.

Take your time traveling - from history to modernity, starting from the Astana airport with car rental from Naniko!