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Car rental from Naniko - in Astana, Kazakhstan

For your trip to the city of modern architectural wonders of Astana, choose the most relevant and contemporary way of moving – auto for hire.

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Astana until recent periods was known as Akmola and only since 1998, became the capital of Kazakhstan, and received a new name. And this is not the first time when the city changed its name. Even in the distant Soviet times, when Khrushchev announced the project of Celina created to cultivate wheat, on 250,000 square kilometers of the steppes of Kazakhstan, Astana has been radically transformed and named - Tzelinograd.
City full of friendly atmosphere that attracts tourists. And there are many interesting things that you can visit.
The symbol of the modern city - Baiterek Tower, 97 meters high and is located in front of the presidential palace, designed by British architect Norman Foster. Uniqueness and charm of the tower is in gold colored sphere with a diameter of 22 meters. On the lower level there is an art gallery and aquarium.

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, which is designed in the shape of a pyramid of glass and granite, consists of 25 floors. It attracts many tourists, because here is the Opera House of Astana. You can also visit the Museum of the national culture, a library and a hall used for concerts.

Amazing structure is a pavilion Khan Shatyr, consisting of four terraces and shaped sails. Meets all the needs of tourists, as there is also a shopping center, a fitness area and several halls of cinema.

Your reliable companion - in Astana, Kazakhstan - Car rental from Naniko!