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Car rental from Naniko - in Bishkek airport

Many independent travelers or businessmen who travel frequently for a usual thing, quite accustomed to the use of such services as auto hire at the airport. This is understandable, since arriving in the country in an unfamiliar city, means of the most efficient use of time is mobility and independent way of moving.

Company Naniko can offer you its online reservation system of auto renting in order to arrive at the airport in Bishkek, you will be able to smoothly continue you journey.

  • You can choose a variety of car classes.
  • Provided by excellent opportunity to take the car at the airport and return it somewhere else.
  • Choose from a wide variety of accessories that you need.
  • The most economical prices, sparing your budget
  • Full insurance, included in the rental price
  • There is no question that our qualified staff could not resolve.

International Airport in Bishkek - Manas.

Located 23 km from the city in the Chui region, the airport is named after the initiative of the famous writer Chingiz Aitmatov in honor of the epic hero.
The first aircraft landing at Manas airport was in 1974.
Today it's a modern style airport cjrresponding to receive all types of aircrafts.

In Terminal operates VIP-hall, updated during the reconstruction in 2011, which is isolated in the west wing of the complex. There is also a isolated parking space.

Arrivals and departures combined into one.
Interior equipped with the maximum comfort: soft sofas and armchairs and exotic plants adding a cozy atmosphere and particular charm.
In recent years, the airport passenger traffic reached nearly two million a year.
At the airport, there is a special system of services for people with disabilities.
Classified information on flights made in three languages - Kyrgyz, Russian and English.

Interesting fact.
There is a famous recreation center named “Airport Manas”, in closeness of the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul.
As known, the Issyk-Kul is the second by its dimensions among the mountain lakes in the world, situated at the elevation of 1600 m above sea level.
Pension Airport Manas has a warm sandy beach, a beautiful park and a cozy atmosphere inside the complex.

Enjoy your landing at Manas airport in Bishkek and the continuation of the path at a convenient car rental from Naniko.