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Car rental from Naniko – at the Dushanbe airport, Tajikistan

To have a car at the point of arrival, it is best to reserve it in advance.
Of course at the airports have auto renting offices, but given to the fact of many customers who wants the same service and also a certain degree of fatigue after the flight, when booking car prior to departure, you will not have to stand in waiting for clearance of hire.

The easiest way to take an advantage of online booking system of car hire by and get guaranteed selected vehicle at the Dushanbe airport.

Sequence of actions is simple:

  • Fill in the booking form with all the necessary data, indicating the date of lease and return;
  • From the list of fleet select the appropriate car;
  • Indicate the personal data
  • After confirming the order you will receive by email a voucher of your reservation with detailed information.
  • It is desirable to specify the flight number and date of arrival, for verifiability, if your flight is delayed.
  • When getting a car you need to provide a driver's license, passport and pay for the service.
  • You can return the car in any specified l in advance location of the city, out of town or at the airport.


Dushanbe Airport

Dushanbe International Airport is located 6 km east of the city center.
From the beginning, the airfield was founded in 1924 on the site of today's print and television home of town. In the subsequent years the airport was many times subjected to radical renovations to improve the system of services, as well as technical specifications.

The structure, located at an altitude of 785 m above sea level, has one terminal and one runway with asphalt road; the length is 3,100 m and width - 45 m.
The airport is military purposes, but, as a rule, opens to civil and commercial flights.

Shuttle taxis regularly operate from the airport to the city center. You can pay the fare on board or at the time of boarding.

Near the airport there is a railway station, and the train to Dushanbe operates from 06:00 to 19:00. It takes only 20 minutes for arrival.

In the terminal provided the services for passengers:
Restaurants, bars, cafes, duty-free shop, currency exchange, ATMs, Wi-Fi.
Information about arriving and departing flights offered on the electronic board at the entrance to the terminal.
There is also provided services to people with disabilities.

Organize your trip in advance by booking car rental from Naniko and get your vehicle at the airport in Dushanbe.