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Rent a car in Tajikistan - from Naniko

The best solution to travel throughout the country to your own rhythm and route is to hire a car. This is especially suitable in such a mountainous country like Tajikistan, where a myriad of wonderful landscapes, one would like to see.

Car Rental Naniko in Tajikistan gives in your disposition the rich choice of its fleet:

  • Sedans, hatchbacks, minivans - economy class cars
  • SUVs-terrain
  • Cars of executive or premium class

When booking there is available such options as:

  • Navigation Equipment
  • Safety chains for wheels and winter tires
  • Child seats according the age and weight
  • Special chairs for newborns
  • Luggage baskets, holders for bikes, skis and snowboards

Tajikistan is the nation of Central Asia and more than 90% of the territory is mountainous, with peaks that lie between 5000-7000 meters above sea level; country, with the peaks of the Pamirs in excess of 7000 meters, only the north-west part of the Fergana Valley and the south-west, you can find low-lying areas.

Tajikistan is crossed by several mountain ranges with peaks as Ismail Samani - 7495 m., Ibn Sina -7134 m. And Korjenevskaya Peak -7105 m.

Given the mountainous terrain, country crossed by many of the major rivers of Central Asia, the more important of which is the Amu Darya - 2540 km in total, Panj -921 km, to the north for a short distance Syrdarya, while in the south - Zarafshan and Vakhsh.

Country covered with hundreds of glaciers with a total area of over 8,000 square kilometers, the largest of which are Mabuza -156 km ² and Garmo - 115 km ².
There are numerous lakes, mainly, of natural origin, as Karakul -380 square kilometers, Lake Sarez -86 km ² and artificial one is Karakum - 520 km.

Tajikistan is divided into four administrative units, with an autonomous province of Gorno-Badakhshan. Nearly three-quarters of the population live in rural areas.

The only significant city is the capital Dushanbe, with 776,000 residents. On second place in terms of population is Khujand, with 170,000 inhabitants.
Tajiks constitute the majority of the population - 84%, of which 98% of Muslims, mostly adherents of Sunni rite.
The tourism industry in Tajikistan has a good perspectives of development, particularly with regard to adventure and mountain tours, as well as for nature lovers.

Conquer the country of highest peaks and wonderful lakes - Tajikistan, with car rented from Naniko.