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Albania is a country that is experiencing a complete rebirth after a period of decline, is full of interesting archaeological sites, breathtaking scenery, vibrant cities and natural parks.

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Albania has an outlet to the Mediterranean Sea and is bordered by Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro. Tourists can be pleased by fact that Albania is among the cheapest destinations in Europe: if you decide to spend your vacation here, you can save your budget.

Among the most interesting beaches in those with views of the Adriatic Sea, in particular Durazzo, but also of the Ionian Sea is pristine, the stunning beauty of the place.

In Albania, there are a very interesting archaeological sites of ancient Greek and Roman settlements, still preserved in excellent condition. Among the most interesting areas, Butrint, Saranda, near the border with Greece, where there is a park with archaeological sites and museums, and you can admire the temple of Asclepius and Byzantine mosaics.
Temple of Artemis, with its impressive columns in Apollonia was originally Greek, and then Roman city, a few kilometers from Fier.

Stately Albanian cities store millennial history and cultural attractions of all kinds.
The capital Tirana is populous city and full of life. In addition to the archaeological remains one can see a lot of old buildings and churches: St. Paul's Cathedral, the Orthodox Church or Et'Hem Bey Mosque.
The second largest city is Durres, which is also full of life and entertainment.
On the southern part is the ancient town of Gjirokastra embodies the fusion of different cultures.
Karst spring of Syri and Kalter is a natural source of clear blue water.
Saranda, finally, is considered one of the most attractive resorts with beautiful beaches and a rich flora.

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