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Car rental - at the best prices from Naniko – in Tirana, Albania

The ancient city of Tirana, some archaeological finds which can be seen in many spaces, including the Palace of Pioneers - now the residence of the family Zogu, prevailed in Albania from 1924 to 1939.

This city is characterized by an extraordinary and tourists want to visit more places and learn more interesting. But to catch everything and does not get tired of the constant voltage trips by public transport, is possible with using the auto renting.

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Revival of Tirana

Origin of the city name is still disputed. Many believe that Tiraneum was the old name, and, therefore, that the present designation is determinate from it.

City has undergone radical changes since the setout of the twenty-first century. Much of the infrastructure has improved significantly, and the number of roads was repaired, created numerous green areas.

Attractions of Tirana

Tirana is a quite interesting city for visitors. In addition to the museums that offer a lot of interesting, there are churches and monuments, which will tell you much more about the history of the Albanian capital.

  • St Paul's Cathedral

With a simple outdoor decoration, but is striking and impressive interior architecture. Beautiful design on the glass is Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul.

  • Catholic Church of Santa Maria (Kish Katolike)

Built in 1865 as a gift to the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph; was reopened in 1990 as a national monument, after closing in 1967, when it was in a ban on all religious activities in Albania.

  • Central Market:

Colorful and typical market of Tirana is the place where you can see the real culture of the city and its citizens. Here are the traditions and culture in the open accessibility.

  • Clock Tower - Kulla e Sahatit

It is a symbol of the city, constructed in the early 19th century, the height of 35 meters.

  • Fortress of Justinian (Kalaja)

Built in the sixth century during the Byzantine period, when Albania was still only a small part of the Byzantine Empire. Today, the original splendor remains only a small wall 6 feet tall.

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