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The Principality of Andorra is completely mountainous country, which consists of a chain of the Pyrenees. The lowest point is at 840 meters above sea level, while the highest peaks at three thousand meters. 38% of the territory is covered by forests.
Grand Valira - 44 km - the river that crosses the country arises from the confluх of the two branches of the North and East. There are about sixty small-sized mountain lakes.
Andorra divided into seven parishes; most of the population lives in urban areas (88%).

8 million voyagers visit Andorra every year, the majority of Spaniards and Frenchmen who come here for shopping. This is particularly advantageous because of the lack of taxation on the products. And anyway, as we all know, Andorra is a paradise for true shopping.
Also is perfect for skiing in the winter season.
Only a few kilometers from Andorra la Vella, you can entertain a variety of sports. In particular, there are hiking, mountain biking, rafting, skiing and more.

Art lovers will find in Andorra excellent examples of pre-Romanesque and Romanesque style was widely used in the construction of churches. In the villages of Canillo, Canillo, Encamp, Le Bon, Prats or Ransol, you can see the picturesque environment, characterized by narrow streets and medieval houses.

Culture of Andorra, is closely associated with Catalonia, because the population of Andorra at the heart of the Catalan.
Cultural life in Andorra has different number of events and festivals throughout the year. There are also many museums where you can trace the history of the country and look at the unique culture and traditions of the principality. Here are the National Museum of the car, the postal museum, a museum of tobacco, spirits, stones, and even electricity and comics.
Traditional culture of Andorra is visible during festivals and other celebrations, thanks to the local dances as marratxa and dancing Santa Anna and Sardana.

Immerse yourself in the history and tradition of Andorra, along with car rental from Naniko!