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Car Rental from Naniko rent a car at the airport of Vienna, Schwechat

Airports around the world are the busiest, and give a lot of different emotions place. Here people possessed a sense of something new, in anticipation of a pleasant vacation or returning home after a wonderful stay. Presented also the degree of stress and nervousness, which is characteristic of chaotic crowded places.
But the tension disappears from the consciousness that travel is planned for all items as possible correctly, and when leaving the airport did not have to wait for public transport, as you prudently reserved an auto for hire, waiting for you to get on track.

Company Naniko will provide you with a car renting straight to the exit from the airport terminal in Vienna for a comfortable and pleasant journey.

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  • Rates obtained from us, include all taxes, insurance, unlimited mileage
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  • Plenty of choice of vehicles to suit every taste, provided in real-time
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  • No fines in the modification or cancellation of an order for 48 hours

Vienna International Airport - Schwechat, called respectively the nearest town is 18 km from the capital of Austria and is the largest one in the country.

It was originally a military airfield, now has 3 terminals, and in 2006 was added SkyLink, which can easily serve about 17 million passengers per year.
In addition, in the process of expansion planned new lookout tower, runway, a new metro station and connection to Bratislava, in 2015.


The airport is easily achievable via the A4 motorway, following the exit Flughafen, which leads directly to the terminal. Another road B9 also has access to the terminal and the Centre for general aviation.
Travel time to the city center about 25 minutes.
There you can rent a car to get to Vienna.

The airport has a medical center, placed at the entrance to the central terminal. Paramedics are available around the clock. Medical Center is also recognized as an international center for vaccination WHO.
Pharmacy is in the commercial part of the Arcade.
There is a multi-store car parking, open from 8.00 to 18.00.
There is a post office in the departuresl, the Bank and Money Exchange, VIP & Business Services.

Car Rental Naniko awaiting your flight at the airport in Vienna and wish you a safe landing!