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Car rental from rent a car company Naniko in Vienna, Austria

Greeting you in the metropolis of music!
No other city on planet that nurtured such great number of famous composers of the world. In Vienna, the music is in the air, waltz and operetta are at home.
Even the musical term - made in Vienna - conquered the audience at the international level.

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Vienna - the city where even the walls are singing

Concert halls and theaters of the city offering classical music in all its forms to the most avant-garde; during the year a series of festivals follow each other. Opera fans here see international stars, while jazz music admirers enjoy the live jazz scene.

  • Museum of Philharmonic of Vienna

Here lived the establisher and prime conductor of the Vienna Philharmonic, Otto Nicolai. There can be no better place to put the museum and historical archive for the famous music education.
In the Hall of Mirrors the exhibits are showing the eventful history of the orchestra: documents of honor or sticks used by well-known conductors.

  • Home of great musicians

City, which is home to so many famous composers - is Vienna. Here is a unique opportunity to understand the life of the great masters, seeing how they lived and contemplating the objects of their memory.
In the apartment, dedicated to the memory of famous musicians who were born or lived in Vienna, are now a museum, where in addition to furniture and private property of artists, there are facsimile copies, paintings and photographs.
Motsarthaus in Vienna, where Wolfgang Amadeus composed The Marriage of Figaro, and lived as a true sir, is located in the historic center of the back of St. Stephen's Cathedral.
Many memories keep the house of Johann Strauss - Waltz King, where he composed his most famous waltz Blue Danube Waltz.
Even the last apartment of Joseph Haydn remained intact to this day, where the composer wrote the great oratorio The Creation and Seasons.

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