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Cars for Rent from Naniko in Minsk International Airport

With each passing day more and more tourists and business people keep their way to Belarus, and accordingly developing the services sectors for more facilities of visitors. One of these areas, creating comfort and contentment during the trip - a car rental.
Only task is that in the flow of the numerous proposals to find precisely what you need for a definite style or type of travel.

Company Naniko provide you by auto hire at the airport in Minsk.

With our upgraded and easy to search for online reservation system you will quickly choose the best vehicle, most suitable for a trip to Belarus.

  • The prime conditions, with prices including all taxes and insurance
  • Quality and safety of all types of vehicles.
  • Full insurance, liability insurance and vehicle theft.
  • Assistance in road accidents
  • If you are traveling with group of 7-12 people, we can offer large vehicles like vans or minibuses.
  • As well as economy class cars, sedans, SUVs and more.

Take some time to see all of our cars and make the best choice of auto rental.

Minsk International Airport.

Located in the central part of Belarus, in the homonymous province not far from Minsk, National Airport is the main terminal of the country.
In fact, the airport is open for linear, charter and cargo flights, a day and night time. Here is based main national airline Belavia.

An airport runway is following parameters: 3640 meters long and 60 meters wide, that allows receiving all types of aircraft and helicopters.
Here are operate many international companies such as airBaltic, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines
Azerbaijan Airlines, Czech Airlines, and others. Rent a car Minsk International Airport

The airport has a well-equipped service system for passengers with disabilities.
Dedicated car parking space with special marking
Relevant bathrooms
Carriages for disabled persons to serve in the terminal and on board
Support of the airport staff, available at any time of the day.
Assistance in the preparation of documents and boarding.

Plan your trip efficiently with auto rental Naniko in Minsk airport.

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