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Car rental in Belarus from Naniko

Comparing the prices of the leading companies, you might get a clear view of all available autos for rent in cities, airports and railway stations in Belarus.
But which one is better - not always an easy task.
Trust our years of experience, satisfied customers reviews and just your intuition.

With our detailed information of services at you can easily and securely book your auto hire online.

  • Get our best, all including prices
  • Unlimited mileage, which is incredibly beneficial given the scale of the country
  • Full car insurance
  • The list of extras for you and your family safety
  • Help at any time.

Belarus - a spanless country of Europe

Recognized by its position as a center of Europe, it is with a territory of 207.6 square kilometers, which exceeds the dimensions of the biggest European countries as the Netherlands, Belgium, etc. For those who really appreciate travel, study new places, meet new people and refresh its emotions, if Belarus is still unknown land, then just remains to get this route!

In the middle Ages the land that occupies a modern Belarus, was mentioned as the nation of castles. Nowadays, it is often called as a blue-eyed. And thanks to the forests, which cover a third of the entire territory, and a set of unique wetlands, it is also nominated as "the lungs of Europe".

Belarus attracts voyagers with its particular nature, the pulchritude of which slowly penetrates the soul and remains forever. Belarusian rivers carry their waters calmly and majestically, and inhaling the scent of pine trees, you can feel how to repose body and soul together. Country preserved wilderness area, had not seen even by a single person. 

For centuries Belarus was the intersection of a number of trade itineraries. And the geographical position of the country really had a key influence on the character of its culture. Perhaps that is why, formed one of the main features of the Belarusian nature - tolerance, admittance for other religions and points of view.
Just come here and you will appreciate the warmth and hospitality of the Belarusians. Maybe you will not find here that most of the Hollywood smile, but to join the conversation, you will be pleasurably surprised by the warmth of the Belarusians.
In Belarus, the guests are always loved and respected by the car rental company Naniko!   

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