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Car rental from rent a car Naniko - in Brussels airport

Planned your holiday in the city of Brussels, of course you will land at the airport of Charleroi. Despite the fact that the city is well endowed with public transport, tourists prefer do not spend a limited period of holidays on the waiting bus and have freedom of movement, using a private car for hire.

Company of auto renting Naniko at the airport Charleroi, gives you the benefits of its years of experience.

  • Best Prices
  • Make reservations online simply
  • Cars of optimal technical  conditions
  • Service of reception and return of the vehicle at any place convenient to you
  • Selecting a car from economy to roomy minivans and SUVs
  • Provides FREE unlimited mileage
  • Road Assistance in case of breakage
  • Full Casco auto insurance included in the rental price
  • Additional equipment for your request

Brussels Charleroi Airport is located near the eponymous town, 46 km from Brussels.
This is one of the most significant ports of Ryanair, serving 3 million voyagers a year.

In 2005, the airport was gained the nomination of Best Airport in Europe, and in 2007, were created the new terminal and parking.
Thanks to existence of  minibus, transport links are well established.

Luggage storage is outside the passenger terminal near the taxi rank, but
the whole system is automated. Simply put your luggage in the container and pay.
Shops and restaurants
In Charleroi has many restaurants and bars throughout the terminal. You can also make purchases of all types in the network of Belgian Sky shops at the airport.

Throughout the terminal has the computers to connect to the Internet.

Charleroi Airport has available two parking spaces located near the  terminal.
Prices are ideal for short stays.

For a long stop, only 2 km away from the passenger terminal there is a parking area in the 2500 seats. .
For easy accessibility of the terminal passengers receive a free bus transfer.
Finally, in front of the passenger terminal is a parking "10 minutes Max", which is very convenient for people landing and unloading of luggage.

Charleroi Airport is easily accessible by car rental from Naniko on motorways A54 and 24.