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Car rental in Brussels - from car hire company Naniko

Visit to Brussels includes an extensive list of things that need to see, especially when it comes to monuments, museums, heritage and architecture.
This is a city that may surprise you with impressive buildings on the Grand Place and the winding paths of art nouveau.

Do not miss any chance to see all the delights offered by the city, it is easily possible when renting a car with which beyond all limits can plan your own routes.

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Brussels, being the capital of the country, is magnificent by its Grand Place and prestigious art collections of its museums. Cosmopolitan town atmosphere coexists with its charming cobbled streets with cafes where you can enjoy trying the real hot chocolate and great beer.

Walking around the city, you can admire the Art Nouveau of Victor Horta. Some of the museums can be visited, for example, the Belgian Centre for Comic Strip, located in a beautiful edifice, built in 1906, with thousands of exhibits of greatest passions of the capital - comics.
The city is full of places on this topic, with entire walls of buildings painted comic book characters like Tintin, Lucky Luke, The Smurfs, Suske and Wiske and others.

In Horta Museum, located in Saint-Gilles, amazing style of Victor Horta expressed in furniture, stained glass windows, door handles and fixtures.

In Rene Magritte Museum, where they can enter only 20 visitors at a time, more than 200 works of the famous surrealist artist-illustrator.

To the south of the Grand Place, there Royaux Museum of Fine Arts, with the largest collection of ancient and modern Belgian art, with many works by Brueghel the Elder, Rubens, Hans Memling,, Anthony Van Dyck, as well as works by Paul Gauguin, Delvaux and Giorgio de Chirico.

Pleasant the stop at a typical restaurant to taste traditional Belgian cuisine or relax in the Brussels bar, sipping a beer with a classic bag of potato chips.

For evening entertainment, music and culture fans can choose from a variety of shows in theaters and jazz clubs, while lovers of nightlife in Brussels can have fun at the disco.

Embrace the beautiful places of Brussels comfortably on car hired from Naniko!