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Belgium, a small country in Europe, which is divided into three regions: Flanders on the north- plains that include the beaches of North Sea, Wallonia - southern part, with the picturesque hills of the Ardennes; in the center is the region of Brussels, with the principle city, the seat of residence of the European Commission and NATO.

And, despite the small size of the country, are particularly convenient to make a trip by auto hired to cover all of the wonderful cities and interesting places.

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The Belgian coast is low and is characterized by sand dunes and the lands below sea level.
Belgium took a significant part of the art history. The world saw such Flemish masters of fine art of the fifteenth century as the brothers Van Eyck, Bruegel, Memlings, Rubens, Van Dyck and others.
In Flanders - Flemish, which is a variant of Dutch, Walloon spoken mostly in French, and in the region of Brussels - in French, although officially bilingual region.

National sport with great traditions - cycling, in which Belgium has achieved many records. The country hosts such major classic races in cycling as the Tour of Flanders, Liege-Bastogne-Liege and flash Wallonne.

Antwerp, Belgium's main port, the second in Europe and sixth in the world, situated on the banks of the Scheldt, which provides a connection to the North Sea.
It is the hometown of Rubens, now is a dynamic, modern and perspective city.
Here is a world center of diamond processing and stock exchange trading of precious stone.

Animated outdoor cafes and elegant shops of fashion and design coexist with buildings of medieval times bordering on the Grote Markt with a beautiful masterpiece of Gothic - Cathedral of Virgin.
You cannot miss the chance to visit the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, with contained masterpieces of different craftsmen, numerous works by Rubens and interesting works of contemporary Belgian art.

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