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Car hire from Naniko - in Bosnia and Herzegovina

This wonderful country is not such a popular tourism destination yet, but in this case, you can list at least ten reasons to make this trip and see the new and unknown.

The main thing is organize your trip and provide yourself by the most comfortable and suitable conditions, one of which is sure to rent a car.

This service is especially popular today in Bosnia and Hersegovina, and, therefore, is recommended to book a car rental in advance on

  • If your trip starting with a tour of the mountain, in our fleet is ideally suited for this purpose SUVs.
  • Appropriate devices as bicycle holders, luggage baskets, and navigation systems.
  • Auto, suitable for city tours as hatchbacks, sedans etc.
  • For groups - minivans and minibuses with comfortable climate control.
  • Low prices and high quality service is always a pleasant surprise for our customers


Bosnia and Herzegovina has a territory mainly consisting of mounts and woods, with deciduous trees. On 1700 meters above sea level coniferous forests are the main components of landscapes. Flower species include some magnificent examples, as iris, alpine rose, and other mountain florets.

Flora and fauna  is full of the same species that are common also in France. In the mountains you can find chamois, lynx and wolves. More than 5,000 brown and grey bears.
National culture was created in the sequence of history, feasting upon the traditions of the peoples who settled in the region. Sarajevo has been the intellectual and art center of the Balkans for ages.
The historical past with a diversity of cultural influences, formed the important architectural and archaeological inheritance, part of which was severely damaged during the 1992-1995 war.

Yet other sites were saved or restored.
Amid of them is the bridge of Mostar , constructed in the sixteenth century, it was rebuilt after destroying and is now part of a World Heritage Site, in concert with the old district of the city.

Travnik, in the central region, is an interesting town was founded in the times Ottomans.

Visit on car rental from Naniko the amazing and mysterious place in Bosnia the Pyramid of the Sun.

This hill of unusual geometric shape  generated numerous theories from when Bosnian archaeologist Semir Osmanagic found out its pyramidal shape.