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Car hire from Naniko - in the airport of Sarajevo

If you are projecting a voyage to Sarajevo and arrive at the international airport of Butmir, logical way for the sequel of your journey can be an auto rental.

This decision comes to the most tourists and service in high demand. Therefore recommended to organize everything in advance.

Online booking system of auto renting from Naniko at Sarajevo airport offers simply way to have a services at the best tariffs

  • Prices are the best in the area
  • Services are most adapted to the needs of our clients
  • 24-hours of availability of mobile operator
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Road Assistance
  • Casco insurance and taxes are already included in the rental price
  • For having an opportunity of complete relax on the trip  and do not think about the road regulation in a foreign country, the company Naniko can also provide you with a local drivers. All our drivers speak English, gentle and focused on satisfaction of their passengers.
  • Also, upon request, you can get an additional devices, such as navigator, fasteners of bikes and skis, child seats, and more.

Sarajevo International Airport

is known with appellation of Butmir and is located 6 km from the main city of the country in the same named suburb.

From the beginning of 1996, the airport receives flights by commercial airlines. In recent years the airport provides services about 500 thousand passengers annually, and in 2005 was named as the best hub among ones with the passenger turnover with less than a million.

The history of the airport started in the mid 60s of last century, and was initially chosen another place for its reconstruction, but subsequently the choice still fell into place Butmir.

Commencement of the airport took place in 1969 and since 1970, started the first international flight to Frankfurt. In those years, the airport served not more than 100 thousand passengers a year.

Expansion works of the airport for the first time held with Olympic games in 1984, when the runway was prolonged of 200 meters, and the was improved the structure.

Serious damage was done to the airport early in the war, but since 1992, under the monitoring of the UN, has been used for the delivery of humanitarian aid. There have been many tragic events, to the extent as under the runway was dug tunnel.
For nowadays the airport offers all the services of international level.

Your guaranteed service of car rental from Naniko at your disposition at Sarajevo airport.