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You are planning a fun trip to Sarajevo, but is only a paucity days to enjoy with fullness the beauties of metropolis?

For doing everything in time and visit the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo is easy achievable by using the car rental service from Naniko, in term to create your own route to catch everything.

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Sarajevo  is a capital and business and intellectual center of nation, city, where East meets West. Sarajevo is renowned as a place of four religions and called Jerusalem of the Balkans.

The launching point of the visit can be Bascarsija, the antic district of the town. Walking lengthways the proncipal street Ferhadija with shops and elegant boutiques, seizes the feeling that you are in two different, completely opposite places. While, from one side, you can marvel the architecture of the Austro-Hungarian style, the other one gets the impression that you are in the heart of Istanbul.

Wonderful fountain Sebildzh in Moorish style, serving as appointments spot for Sarajevo inhabitants. 
National Library - the most impressive structure, the testimony of the catastrophic events of great historical significance. Library birr bombed during the besiegement of Sarajevo in 1992, and in the flames had burned about 90% of the books.

Closely connected with the history of the blockade the Tunnel Museum, the only means of communication with the outside world during the bombing. Through the tunnel the population was able to escape and get the necessary assistance for survival.

Latin Bridge - witness of another part of history, a place where World War I began with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
Saved from the times of the Ottoman Empire in all its splendor is the House Svrzo, stands on a hill upward the city and is considered the best emblem of the culture period of Turkish rule in the country.

Among the most essential features of the multi-ethnic Sarajevo can be seen in the variety of edificies of worship. Mosques, synagogues and churches coexist side by side for centuries. Ali Pasha Mosque, built in the classical Islamic style. A symbol of the Christian soul is the Temple of Light of the Transfiguration and of St. Joseph.
We must not forget that the climate is temperate continental.

If you plan a trip in the autumn or spring, it is recommended to travel by car rental from Naniko.
Enjoy your trip!