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The country is placed on the west bank of the Black sea and divided in two by Balkan Mountains, giving a significant effect to the climate. With diversity and richness of resorts and places of interest in the country, tourists are increasingly choosing auto rental for the period of their stay.

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Bulgaria - country of natural wealth

The subject of the greatest pride of Bulgaria is Pirin National Park, located in the southwest. Sparkling glacial lakes, waterfalls and alpine forests make it ideal for walkers, cyclists and climbers. There is a disjunctive road to the park that runs through the cave network.

And yet, the main subject of touristic attraction is the Black Sea littoral. Nessebar is a small island conjoined to the continent by an artificial isthmus, is a sought-after resort.

As soon as the snow covers Bansko, located at the foot of Pirin Mountain, the resort comes alive from the tireless skiers and snowboarders. This ski resort offers 75 km of trails for all levels of experience.

  • The lively beach bars

Bulgarian resorts nightlife is unlikely to disappoint someone. In the summer months, the Black Sea coast wakes by lively bars and nightclubs, where locals and tourists have a fun.
Varna is a very popular tourist destination, where during the day, you can enjoy on the beach and then relax in the nightclub.
Take a trip to the seaside resort of Albena with unique beaches and clubs open until dawn.
Journey through the long history of Bulgaria

Plovdiv - the second city by its dimensions in Bulgaria and, in many ways, even more seductive than the capital. Old Quarter is a treat for the eyes, with its fortifications, Byzantine ruins and the magnificent Roman amphitheater of the second century AD. Not to mention the Renaissance architecture and mosque, built during the Ottoman rule. 
Built in the 10th century to the south of the capital, between the mountains Rila Monastery is one of the architectural treasures of the country. The interior is rich in complex picture with lots of colors and shades.

In Bulgaria you are expected by a beautiful nature, warm sea, welcoming hosts and cars for hire from Naniko!