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Rent a car in Sofia from Naniko car hire

Perhaps few people know that Sofia is the third eldest city in Europe after Athens and Rome. Reliquiae of the antic borough are still visible. City offers numerous monuments of antiquity, and is impeccable for a visit for a several days or weeks.

Actual service is a  car rental as the most convenient means of transportation during the trip, which allows a diversity of sites to visit and not to depend on the schedule of public transport.

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Bulgaria's capital Sofia is named after the main Cathedral of St Sophia in the 13th century, although mention of this town was already in the 8th century BC as the metropolis of the Roman province of Thrace Serdica. 

Sofia became the most popular holiday destinations of low cost, where you can go even for weekends.

Visiting the monuments of the city, can be started with the Presidential Palace, Archaeological Museum, with an exhibition of great Greek and Roman collections, and the Royal Palace, where now the National Art Gallery.

Russian church  is a perfect example of Byzantine art - encircled by sumptuous yards.
Military Club is located in an area where concentrated the best bars and restaurants of Sofia.

Worth to visit the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky, a huge monument of Orthodox Christianity.

On the same square is the church of St. George. And the next Moscow street can admire the beautiful buildings in the Art Deco style.

The National Theatre, one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Continuing the way out to the square of Holy Week, where the focus of all religion temples, mosques, synagogues and cathedral.

From this square starts a busy shopping street Vitosha Boulevard of Sofia, which leads directly to the eponymous mountain of altitude of over 2000 meters.
It is only 10 minutes drive from Sofia and is a favourite spot of residents on weekends.

Car rental from Naniko in Sofia gives a lovely weekend at your pleasure!