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Car Rental in Croatia- best prices from Naniko

This multifaceted country is in constant balance between its central European soul and its Mediterranean vocation, not yet offered in the fullness of his whole identity to mass tourism.
In Croatia you will discover a rare conjunction of charm and atmosphere of the past, with its ancient cities and lush and magnificent parks, waterfalls, lakes, and the crystal-clear sea.

For tourists wishing to cover the number of attractive places Croatia is undoubtedly the best option is to hire a car.

Offers of auto renting for all modes of holidays in Croatia you will find on

All destinations accompanied by cultural values, historical buildings, castles rich in bygone and traditions of the daily life of small communities.

Among a variety of flavors, outdoor activities, fishing villages and charming towns, Croatia undoubtly the country of amazing sites in Europe that are worth visiting comfortably by vehicle rented from Naniko!

Not the essence of the case, what type of vacation you choose, there is no place in Croatia, which one would not want to see.


For nature lovers, visit the National Park Plitvice Lakes, which is placed in a convenient location, close to the highway leading to Zagreb on the coast.
For admirers of night life, Zrće beach is the most popular destination.

In addition, other monuments of extraordinary beauty that just beckon visitors, the Roman amphitheater in Pula -Pula Arena, Diocletian's Palace in Split and the Cathedral of St. James in Sibenik.

Very famous island in Croatia, of course, Hvar, in connection with a perfect combination of natural beauty, exquisite gastronomy, excellent hotels and nightclubs.

Other recommended Kornati Islands with their unique structure.
First of all, one cannot lose sight of the city of Dubrovnik ,old city walls, towers and castles, a famous summer show in this beautiful city.

As for nightlife in Croatia, here are such Trouville as all types of bars and clubs, no matter which region you choose. Throughout the year, in Zagreb, you can visit the many concerts and wander around the many nightclubs.
But in summer the coast is the main character of fun and entertainment. Each city has its own summer program and activities are organized throughout.

Attractive places in Croatia - in one girth by car rental from Naniko!