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Car Rental from Naniko car hire company in Zagreb

Croatia, now more commonly known by its sea resorts as an alternative to expensive places; here are the resorts of high quality and low cost.
However, to ignore the beauty of the Croatian heartland and, primarily, its capital Zagreb would be wrong.

The charming old town, the commercial center of ancient times, medieval bastion of Christianity against the Turks, the administrative ganglion of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

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The beautiful city of Zagreb will charm any type of traveler. There are mixed architectural landmarks, cultural, culinary, musical and artistic.

In fact, a city in balance between rigor elegant Austro-Hungarian stately buildings and the uniformity of the socialist palaces, heavy and decadent.

In the Croatian capital, the best time is the spring and summer seasons, when the mass of the people on the streets and held cultural festivals that fill the streets of the city.

Upper Town and Lower Town - Gornji Grad and Donji Grad are the cultural, religious and commercial centers of Zagreb. In fact, most of the restaurants, clubs and attractions of the city are located here.

In the upper part it is recommended to visit the Cathedral, the Gate of the old city and the statue of St. George fighting the dragon near the Croatian National Theatre.

Zagreb has two lakes: Jarun is ideal for those looking for relaxation or physical activity such as surfing, or for those who want to have fun; second lake Bundek offers shows, fireworks, seminars, concerts and music festivals.


Mimar Museum, which houses more than 3,700 works from the prehistoric times, Lorenzetti, Raffaello, Giorgione, Veronese, Caravaggio and Canaletto;

Archaeological Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art Dvori; Umjetnicki Paviljon; and finally, the Croatian Museum of Art naive.

Be sure to also visit the Moderna Galerija, which presents important works of nineteenth and twentieth century and the Museum of Broken Relationships.

The beauty of Zagreb is palpable in the fullness on a convenient car rental from Naniko!