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Car hire from Naniko rent a car at best rates at Larnaca airport

Larnaca situated in Cyprus and is a favorite touristic destination, where experiences and emotions of a pleasant stay remains for a long.
It is also known commercial port of the island.

To spend a great holiday travelers often prefer as the  way to move a rental car.

Take the car for rent in Larnaca airport, you can easily and simply through the online booking site

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Larnaca International Airport is the important link of intercontinental air travel. Located five kilometers south of the city. Was opened in the 70s.

Besides, Cyprus is an attractive holiday destination. Loading of airport expressed in more than 5 million people, far exceeding the number planned from beginning. In 2009, the terminal was expanded, upgraded to new equipment.
Access to the airport is possible through the public transport and by car. But the city bus operates on weekdays.
There is a hotel booking in the arrivals hall, but the hotel is outside the airport. 
In the departure hall can be found a business center with fax and xerox services, as well as a computer with Internet access. In the same arrivals is a post office and the emergency room.

The terminal is easy to use for people with disabilities, with a fitted bathrooms, escalators and suitable parking space.
To achieve the city from the airport, you can use the bus or a taxi, which is staffed 24 hours a day. You can also rent a car.
The airport covers an area of 6,000 square meters, where in the presence of clothing stores, restaurants, banks, etc. There are enough parking spaces for all users.

Start your attractive holiday with auto renting Naniko from Larnaca airport.