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The Cyprus isle formed of the Republic of Cyprus and Northern part - the Turkish territory, is third island in the Mediterranean Sea by its dimensions .

At the mention of Cyprus, actually refers to a republic.
You can also visit North Cyprus with a day trip.

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Cyprus mostly sea, rurality, nature and art exhibits. It also trails for hiking, cycling and bird and naturalistic itineraries.
There are many opportunities and incentives for fun.

Cypriot platen is characteristically Mediterranean, with Greek and Arab influences. Typical dish is  meze, which consists of a range of products can be prepared from meat, fish, be vegetarian or mixed.

  • Getting there

Cyprus can be reached by air; International airports are located in Larnaca and Paphos in the south and southwest.

Reaching the island on it is already easy enough.
The islet is a maximum of 224 km. width and 100 in height. From the airport, you can move to another location, using the bus or rental car.

Depending on your interests there are several possibilities, but for convenience we distinguish two: sea and relaxation and culture and curiosity.

Why, in fact, Cyprus, given its location, one of the cradles of civilization.
This island has witnessed various civilizations that have ruled here for a great while. From Greeks, and then the Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans and French and decisively the British, who have been here since the end of 1800 and until 1960, and now support two military bases.

In Paphos there are various archaeological sites of great importance.
Mosaics of the House of Dionysos and Tombs of the Kings is one of them. Not far from Limassol can be noted Kourion Archaeological Park.

Exciting church with Byzantine icons and monasteries, oases of peace and culture. Troodos mountain, in the center of the island, contains dozens of monasteries and churches.

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