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Car hire from Naniko in Nicosia

Nicosia is the city with main administrative institutions and the business center. High culture of the place is discerned by its museums and art. Here are 5 Universities.

Public transportation is represented by different available types, which facilitates moving around. However, in preference to a more flexible and free graphics, tourists choose to rent a car.

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Lefkosia, or better known as Nicosia is a capital of Cyprus. City of big tradition, natural beauty and wonderful sights to attend.

The centuries-old capital is placed in the heart of the isle, has a history that dates back to the Bronze Age. Antique Ledra since the seventh century, the was an ancient island kingdom.
Curious traveler will want to walk around and savor the ancient center, surrounded by Venetian walls.

The Venetians gifted the walls of Nicosia developed by Venetian architect Julius Savorniano. They ate preserved till this day in perfect shape, impressive and characteristic monument of the capital.
North Gate - Kyrenia, Western - Paphos and Eastern - Gate of Juliana, with a beautiful facade and a large arch, are important entrance to  Nicosia.

Places to visit in Nicosia

  • Archaeological Museum of Cyprus, the largest on the island;
  • Byzantine Museum, an important museums in Europe, where there is the huge assemblage of religious art and icons
  • Leventis Municipal Museum, which depicture the antecedent of the capital of Cyprus;
  • Cathedral of St. John the seventeenth century;
  • Laiki Yitonia with cheerful taverns and workshops


Fans of folklore can visit the Ethnographic Museum of Cyprus, while those who appreciate jewelry - Jewelers Museum of Treasure with the nineteenth century ornaments, religious items, silver utensils and old objects.

To view the most interesting places worth a stroll along the panoramic road, where one meets the Cyprus Centre of handwork and a shopping center.

Not far in the ancient city is a state of Idalio, where Adonis, beloved of Aphrodite, met his death;
Machairas monastery of the twelfth century, with the neighboring village Fikardou declared ancient monuments for the preservation of the architectural style.
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