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Car hire from Naniko - at the Ruzine airport of Prague

Prague unique and exciting city that offers a fantastic architectural masterpieces of different styles.

Booking auto renting in airport of Prague, you can spend much richer your trip in preferable touristic whither in Europe. You will avoid discomfort of waiting for a bus or taxi, and economize time and money.

Fill out the order form on for rent a vehicle at the Ruzine airport of Prague, get an economical and reliable service.

In 2012, the airport was officially denominated after the first president of the state Vaclav Havel, died in December 2011.

Prague International Airport - Ruzyně is 20 km distant from the city. The passage takes approximately 20-25 minutes by car or about 55 minutes with the use of public transport services.

This is a civil airport disposed in the north-west of capital. Corresponding to the continuous and progressive process in recent years, managed to double the number of passengers.

Here are functioning fifty carriers providing regular communication to 103 destinations worldwide.
Travelers can select the preferred mode of transport: the two bus lines, car rental or taxi service.

It is also feasible to register online check in from some companies like Air France, British Airways, KLM, Czech Airlines and others. The service is peculiarly suitable for passengers fly with hand luggage only.

This airport is considered one of modern of Europe and is designed to accommodate up to 10 million passengers a year.

During the purchase of the ticket, you can order services for passengers with disabilities.

There are 4 terminals distributed as follows:
Terminal 1 is used for direct flights to countries outside the Schengen area
Second - for intercontinental flights
Terminals 3 and 4 are reserved for the charter flights.

Offered a diapason of services for the convenience of travelers. Bars, restaurants and cafes are available in the main places of transit. There are also many duty free shops of perfume, souvenirs, etc.

Not so far from terminal are two 4 star hotel equipped with all the needful amenities for an enjoyable stay, as well as a business center and meeting rooms for business travelers.

With the comfort of auto rental from Naniko - Start from Prague airport to meet a pleasant holidays!