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The process of finding a suitable vehicle travel is long and boring path that most would like to accelerate and facilitate. Thus it is logical that we would like to economize as much as possible.

The easiest and convenient way to hire an auto of your choice in the Czech Republic offers the company Naniko through online booking system.

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The Czech Republic is a European country and a member of the EU, was created due to separation of Czechoslovakia in 1993, and thus a relatively young country.
It is inhabited by about ten million inhabitants, but the distribution is extremely uneven, as there is an almost completely empty areas.

Prague is very popular among young people and  is always a favorite destination.
Lobkowicz museum attractive not only for the character of work, and also because of this family history is also the history of the city. There are many different styles of churches: the Church of St. Vitus, Cyril and Nicholas. Here are the beauteous sceneries that can be seen from divers parts of the city.

Cesky Krumlov is one of the captivating places in Europe, almost like a fairy tale. In the old city represented the castles open to the public. Also the point of interests are presented in the works of Egon Schiele museum, especially where the part of contemporary art.

In Trebitsch can be seen the Jewish Quarter of the Nazi era and the Basilica of St. Procopius, a mixture of Gothic and Romanesque architecture.

Two castle, which attract hundreds of tourists in Lednice and in Litomysl.
And no less important, is the shrine of St. John of Nepomuk in Zelena Hora, in the south.

Culinary traditions

Czech cuisine was influenced by the neighboring countries, so the features are goulash and apple strudel. For traditional Czech recipes are often used corn, beans, potatoes and meat. Usually, before people personally cultivated these products. There are some dishes unique in its kind, as in yeast dumplings, raw or boiled potatoes, usually served as a side dish.

Light beer is the preferred drink of the Czechs, who says that this beer comes from the city of Pilsen. Czechs drink about 150 liters of beer per year.

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