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Car hire from Naniko - Prague, Czech Republic

Prague charming town with a rich history, full of places of interest.
As a launching dot, better to prepare a kind of schedule of places that wish to see in Prague.

However do not lose sight of to fix up your trip with the comforts of the auto rental.

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Old Town Square in Prague

the place that has always represented as focus of townie style. On this vast area are Christmas markets where you can taste traditional dishes and a fresh beer in the summer. Around this territory are a dozen of substantial monuments and buildings.

It is constantly with abundance of visitors who seek the memorial to Jan Hus in the House of the Stone Bell and the celebrated astronomic clock. To enjoy the best views of the area is certainly advisable to climb the tower of City Hall.

Prague Castle - the great dimensions chateau of medieval, actually, a village with buildings, 570 meters yardage and 130 in width and with a sceneries from the hill, located above the Mala Strana. Created in the 9th century, the castle was handpicked as the indwelling of the kings of Bohemia.

Royal Gardens  are in the immediate environs of the Castle with a free entrance. The gardens cover the entire part of the hill, not occupied by castle.

Karl's Bridge that compounds the old district with Mala Strana. The bridge was erected in the mid-14th centenary on the place of other bridge demolished away by the stream of the Vltava. The bridge 515 meters long and a width of about 10. On the sides are 30 large statues.
St. Vitus Cathedral - an illustration of Gothic architecture, the structure of which lasted about 600 years, is the largest sanctuary and includes the remains of about 15 Czech princes and kings.

Wenceslas Square - the arena of many events that influenced the history of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic, surrounded by historical buildings and National Museum. The area is so large that can accommodate two subway stops.

Prague is also appealing for its nightlife. And in fact often meet people from around the world arriving here to have fun.

Feel all the beauty that offers Prague together with car rental from Naniko!