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Car hire from Naniko - at Copenhagen Airport - Kastrup

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Rent a car from Naniko at the airport of Copenhagen provides a service at the lowest rates corresponding to years of attainment and collaboration with principal manufacturers.

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Kastrup Airport is 10 kilometers from Copenhagen, and just 24 miles west of the Swedish city of Malmo.

More than 21 million passengers a year use it in different directions, making it the broadest one in Northern Europe. It is also transportation hub of Scandinavian Airlines System and Sterling.

In 1925, among the first proprietary airports in the world, currently consists of three passenger and a cargo terminals.
In 2007, the station was opened, which connects the airport to the metro system in Copenhagen.

Easy to reach from the airport, Kastrup along highway E20 at exit 15, 16 and 17.
Taxi service is also available and can fit in front of all terminals.
The train station is in Terminal 3, where you can buy tickets.

And to reach to the station from another terminal, free shuttle service can be used.
Approximately every 10 minutes trains part to Copenhagen and in other destinations of Denmark or Sweden.

It is available over 10 thousand parking spaces, many of which are covered. All car parks are monitored with video cameras and guarded by armed guards overclock.

At the airport, two lockers, one located in the parking lot number 4, and the other in Terminal 1. The maximum storage of first one is 72 hours, and in another you can leave your luggage for a week.

The range of services include wireless Internet access, shops and restaurants.

Any destination of your journey starts with a car rental from Naniko at Copenhagen Airport!