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Car rental from Naniko - in Denmark

It is a magical country that is waiting to be discovered. Old world charm combined with design elements, popular around the world, represent attractive spectacle.

Auto hire from Naniko in most cities of Denmark to ensure you a pleasant journey! 

What is Denmark? This ancient castles and forts, jazz festivals, design and architecture, also inventors of Lego!

Atmosphere of dreamlike accompanies you on your voyage and, in apprehension of generality, like a paradise on quality of life, sustainability and progressive social policies.

Urban centers in Denmark are ideally suited for tourists, with a functional infrastructure where travel by car rented from Naniko so simple and natural.

Visiting Danish capital of Copenhagen, a small town Skagen, old Ribe, Aarhus, one instantly lose its heart these wonderful places. 
In Denmark, a great deal you can discover without fatigue.
Let's see, what to visit  in Denmark and Copenhagen.  

The first thing that you can visit to stray too far from Copenhagen is Frederiksborg Castle, once owned by King Christian IV, and is now redone into the National Museum, with works ranging from 1500 to the present time.

Then, just thirty kilometers from Copenhagen, where you can easily reach by train or car hired - it is Roskilde, known by Rock music festivals.

There are two hidden jewels: Vikingeskibsmjuseet - Viking Ship Museum, which is worth a visit if only because you can dress up like the ancient inhabitants of Denmark and stroll through the perfectly made copies of Viking ships, and Roskilde Domkirke - Cathedral, included in the World Heritage List.

An interesting visit to Odense, the third largest city of Denmark, on the island of Funen. This is the birthplace of writer Hans Christian Andersen: here is his house-museum dedicated to his life and works.

And then you can immerse yourself in the rural atmosphere of Den Fynske Lansby, perfectly preserved old Dutch village.

Fredericia is Danish town, restored with care and attention to architectural detail and history. This must see, especially if you come with children. The entrance fee is a bit pricey, but Den Historiske Miniby and its colorful houses, surely win you over!

Lets drive together on a car rental from Naniko the tale called Denmark!