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Rental cars of all classes from Naniko in Copenhagen

A lot of surprises and contrasts, innovations and traditions, ultra modern design and antique palaces, relaxed atmosphere and fun evenings - and all these in a single metropolis. Strolling through the streets of Copenhagen can tirelessly  discover its historic buildings, amazing museums and galleries of art, beautiful Gardens of Tivoli and the residence of the oldest monarchy in the world.

Rent a car from Naniko in Copenhagen is the best way to explore the beautiful capital of Denmark, the most populous city in the country.

This is also an ideal starting point for a tour on an auto hired between continental Europe and Scandinavia.

Auto Rented from  Naniko in Copenhagen will also easily accomplished day trips to Sweden.

The care and respect that the Danes are showing to their capital pleasantly surprising. Copenhagen waterfront is so unadulterated that you can easily take a dip!
Here are some charming and irresistible attractions that should definitely be seen in Copenhagen.
Mermaid statue

Here it is, the Mermaid of Copenhagen snoozing on a rock, it seems that she is pretty boring, despite numerous visits every day, even with the face turned towards the sea, as it expresses deep longing for her home. Tale about the Mermaid was created by Hans Christian Andersen.

  • Amalienborg Palace

This royal castle with towers and spiers is the winter residence of the Queen, and also the site of balcony where the royal family greets people on the street. Although the castle constantly used by royal couple, tourists have the chance to visit some of the luxurious and elegant rooms that are not used daily.

  • Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli is the oldest amusement park in the world, where history and tradition intertwine continuously. Fabulous park is an important meeting place for the locals: for families with children, business people on their lunch break. Young people take part in the concerts here.

  • Kronborg Castle

Wonderful castle in Elsinore, a 10-minute train ride from Copenhagen, is known throughout the world for Shakespeare's Hamlet, and visited annually by about 200 thousand people from around the world. Especially for children it is full of puzzles and quizzes about the castle.

  • The Round Tower of Copenhagen - the oldest functioning observatory in Europe.

All roads lead to Copenhagen with Car Hire from Naniko!