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Want to take a trip to Estonia and plunge into the world of art, history and traditional culture of the local people?
Your choice is quite true, it's all waiting for you here, but in order to get the most impressions and catch everything is better to resort to the services of the vehicle hire.

At this way, being on vacation, you do not have to rush to the bus or subway, and use your time with the maximum benefit for yourself, receiving a lot of pleasant emotions from the visited places.

You'll find everything you need for free movement in Estonia on our site of auto rental

  • Selecting the optimal fleet: economy class, sedans, SUVs, minivans and minibuses.
  • Rates of making rational save of your budget.
  • Free of charge: unlimited mileage, breakdown assistance, round the clock counseling of mobile operator.
  • Optional equipment: baby chair, luggage basket, GPS-navigators, and more.

The Republic of Estonia

Estonia is situated in northern Europe, from the north and west washed by Baltic Sea, through which it has access to Sweden and Finland.

The country has amazing natural landscapes. Here, the unique national parks, spectacular landscapes, islands and winding coastline waiting to be discovered!

Traveling through the North Estonia can see the amazing coastal scenery, fishing villages and pine and musk forests. And also appear gaze stunning contrast of elegant villas and the old Soviet military barracks.

There is a largest protected area of forest in Europe, Lahemaa National Park, where through the many paths you can easily see elk, wild boar and other large mammals.

Matsalu - an important resting place of waterfowl in Europe and kind of paradise for bird watchers. The park has many towers for bird watching.

Taking a ride on the ferry, you can explore the Estonian islands with ancient villages, beautiful windmills and ancient churches.

Kaali meteorite crater in Saremaa was formed 4000-7500 years ago. Explosion that created it had the power of a small nuclear bomb. Wonderful beauty of lake formed in the crater and Meteorite Museum are deserve be visited!

All this and many more delights offered unprecedented expanse of Estonia with a car rental from Naniko.