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Car Hire at Tallinn Airport from Naniko

After landing at the airport of Tallinn, the first thing desired for everyone after flight - is comfortably ensconced in the car to quickly get to the hotel. After a rest and regain your strength to move in a way to explore the pretty town.

Select everything you need at

  • A unique range of vehicles for all styles of travel
  • Rent for few days or long period.

Range of additional services for rental cars in Tallinn Airport - the best surprise from Naniko to our customers:

  • Delivery and receiving of car at the airport, the passenger port, the train station, or everyplace in the city according to your preference.
  • Extra accessories for safety and comfort

Price for hire includes:

  • Tax value added
  • Insurance against accidents and theft
  • Round the clock roadside assistance
  • Run with unlimited mileage.

Guide to Tallinn Airport

Lennart Meri Airport, located 4 km from the city, is the main airport in Estonia. Although the airport of recent construction, but in later times has been fulfiled work on the expansion in relation to the objective, meet the annually increasing number of passengers. Today through the airport pass almost 2 million travellers.
This is the only airport in Estonia, named after the former president, is located in Ray, and is open to both domestic and international flights. Here is also the headquarters of the national airline of Estonia, Estonian Air.
The airport has a passenger and freight terminal and 4 runways.

Getting to the airport from the capital is quite simple. Transportation services of buses and taxis operate every hour, departing from the city center.
By car, the way can be overcome for about 15-20 minutes, subject to traffic.

Services at the airport

In Tallinn airport for passengers offered many amenities: shops, restaurants, newsstands, a bar area and assistance to travelers.
Close proximity to the airport, there are many hotels caring for the comfort and safety of clients; particularly suitable for people traveling to Tallinn for business issues.

The airport and most of the hotels in Tallinn are equipped to accommodate disabled guests.
It features Wi-Fi and ample parking for a supplementary fee, which can be used for short or long term.

Good luck with car hire from Naniko at Tallinn airport!