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On a trip on vacation or on business most preferably have your own vehicle, and thus have the freedom of action according to your own style and rhythm.
In search of a convenient opportunity for self-acquaintance with Tallinn majority today prefer to rent a car.

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Tallinn - the northernmost of the Baltic capitals

A charming town located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, just a few kilometers south of Helsinki, the capital of Estonia since 1991, when the people of the country gained its independence from Soviet Russia.

Since its founding in the early times, Tallinn, specified by its strategic whereabouts on the trade routes, was a crossroads of cultures and flourishing trade.
In the heart of Old Town, Toompea - Cathedral Hill, which is a small plateau about seven acres, towering 30 meters above the rest of the city. Visit the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral of 19th century and Toompea castle of the 13th century.
From the Cathedral hill road goes to the Town - Hall Square, where you can see the Town Hall and Raeapteek. City Hall - a complex of Gothic style, known by its metal weather vane on top of the spire of the city.
Raeapteek or municipal pharmacy - is the oldest pharmacy in Europe, which operates to this day.
In the southern part of the Old Town of Tallinn are two main places on art: the church in honor of St. Nicholas with the works of art of the early Renaissance and the Adamson-Eric Museum dedicated entirely to the artist, with a collection of his works.

Moving on to the southern walls surrounding the town, go to the Freedom Square, where there is the Victory Column. This structure consists of nearly one hundred and fifty sheets of glass and 25 meters in height, finishing at the top of the sculpture, which reproduces the Cross of Liberty, a military honor.

Very interesting bastion - tunnels, underground of channels built during the Swedish rule, to facilitate the movement of troops during enemy attacks.

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