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Finland is fascinating and charming country, which kind are few in Europe, modern and open to innovations in any area, wins the hearts of many travelers by colors of nature, northern architecture and friendliness of its people.
Travel here very nice at first by bike and for this here are created maximum conditions, and on the cars. But, of course, not always possible and profitable to go on your own car. And thus indispensable service cars for hire.

Naniko offer the possibility of renting an auto in Finland in On-line mode, with instant price calculation.

  • Super low price and perfect service
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  • Accessories  to all types of trips

Finland is known as the land of thousand lakes, because it  homes from 60 000 to 200 000 natural reservoirs.
The origin of these lakes dates back to the ice age about 10,000 years ago.
Most lakes are concentrated in the southeastern part of the country and are important for the economy because they are used as a means of transport timber, which is a national treasure in Finland forested of two-thirds. Some lakes are important for the production of hydroelectricity.
The lakes as Paijanne in Vesijärvi and Ruotsalainen pretty solid, with sheltered bays and inlets surrounded by steep cliffs. 
The country's population is concentrated on 80 islands and the majority has as official language Swedish. On the main island there is only major city in the archipelago is Mariehamm, which in recent years has become a major seaside resort. The main islands are connected by a network of roads easily passable even by bicycle.
Lapland, with an area of about 94 000 square kilometers, is located in a hilly and swampy terrain covered with forests, located north of the Arctic Circle. Below then Swedish Lapland, it is rich in lakes and rivers, and sometimes icy, and is an area of hiking trails offering the opportunity to observe the flora and wildlife. Given the rapid changes in the weather and impassable roads are not recommended for inexperienced tourists secluded hikes.
In the dark winter months in the far north, the landscape is dotted with ski tracks, where you can ski walking up then go to the hot and dry sauna. In the summer months, travelers go to Lapland in search of peace and quiet. Mandatory item is the midnight sun in Finland.
Interesting trip, painted in a wonderful palette of comfort of car rental from Naniko awaits you in Finland!