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Car hire from Naniko - Helsinki

Helsinki is the capital of Finland, offers a lot of true delight, especially in the summer. There are numerous parks and original monuments. And do not forget, the island of Suomenlinna!

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Survey of center is best to start from the Market Square - Kauppatori situated on the seafront. There are many stalls where is possible to purchase original Finnish folk souvenirs, but also fresh fish counters.

On the contra half, the red Cathedral Uzpenski, the largest Orthodox church in addition to Russia. Definitely worth a visit inside and outside, due to its vivid red tinge and from the verandah you can keep watching over the bay of Helsinki.

Nearby are the presidential palace, the Embassy of Sweden and the Town Hall.
On the other hand there is the entrance to Alexanderinkatu, famous streets in Helsinki, opened only for trams and taxis.

Here at the outbreak of Christmas season, Santa Claus suits his parade on sleigh pulled by reindeer. Then follows the Senate Square with the statue of Alexander II, and above the impressive White Church - a symbol of Helsinki - the Cathedral Tuomiokirkko.
Sofiankatu, the only street where the road is kept in natural stone and pebbles and old telephone booth.

Returning to the center, near the Doom is the station square Rautatientori. There is a casino, hotels, museums, bars and go several trams and buses in all directions. In the center of the square stands the statue of Alexis Kivi, the famous Finnish writer and author of "The Seven Brothers". You can see the distinctive clock tower and the statue of the four people who support peace.

  • Islands of Helsinki

There are no real lakes, but many islands and islets connected by bridges or ferries. Two of the most popular islands are Suomenlinna and Seurasaari.

Suomenlinna is actually an island-fortress that was used to protect Helsinki from enemy attacks. It is also a sought-after place for young people that during fine summer days often organize picnics.
Did you know that the main streets of Helsinki as Alexanderinkatu, heated so that even in winter, you will not see the ice and you can easily walk on it.

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